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Fees for 1 session:

Initial 15 min. consultation is Free


                           Regular Healing                        $ 100   

                           Distance Healing                       $   80


  Discount Packages:

Regular Healings:

5 sessions   $400   (20% discount)           

10 sessions    $700   (30% discount)

20 sessions  $1.200   (40% discount)

Distance Healings:       

5 sessions $280 (30% discount)

10 sessions $480 (40% discount)

20 sessions $800 (50% discount)


For healings in person at the Red Tent Wellness Center or at the Hollywood Healing Center, payment can be made when the healing is performed, by Credit card , cash or check.

For Distance Healings payment must be sent prior to our session by check, credit card or paypal.

Let me help you. 
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Helena Aramendia

Author - Healer

Bachelor of Science Degree in Brennan Healing Science®

Brennan Healing is  a complementary therapy and not a replacement for conventional medical treatment. Helena is not a medical doctor or a state licensed medical practitioner, and she does not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.