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How healings can help you

Healings give the deep energetic support that is necessary in order to be able to reestablish balance and a natural state of wellbeing. As a consequence, they are one of the best tools for our development and growth as humans, as well as the best possible support for any physical or emotional condition.

Remember, the FIRST CONSULTATION IS FREE so you can ask questions you may have about your personal healing process.

What is a healing

Healings are a form of treatment that is very gentle and yet they work at many levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), and in a deep way. They can provide a profound transformation in mind, body and spirit, in a safe, gentle and progressive manner.

I consider a person as a multidimensional energy being with different vibrational levels. The part that is more dense and with a lower vibration is the physical body, and it is only a part of what we are. Our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are as much of who we are as our physical body. They are all interconnected, they all have different vibrational rates, colors, sounds and functions. They take energy from the Universal Energy Field, (what in other cultures has been called Prana or Chi), through our Chakras, or  energy centers.

Because of the energetic nature of the healings, time and space are not a defining factor in the healing session, hence I also perform distance healings when my clients, for different reasons, cannot attend my practice.

For a better understanding of what a healing is and how does it works, you may read my article about healings here.

Benefits of receving healings

  1. Strong support in dealing with physical processes, like surgery, acute or long term disease, pain management, infections... In those cases the client  usually reports lower recovery time, less complications, lower need for certain medication , like, for instance, painkillers, (always under physician supervision) and a better emotional response to the process.

  2. Preventive care.

  3. General well being.

  4. Spiritual growth. Consciousness.

  5. Help with aligning with your life purpose.

What to expect during a healing session

The first part of the session is a conversation that helps me determining what my client needs are and the best way for me to help him or her. During the healing, the client lays down on the table, fully clothed, except for the shoes. I set my hands on or above some points in the clients body, without any manipulation. What I do is to channel energy towards those points.

During a healing session as a Brennan Practitioner, I first clean, charge and balance the energy field of my client. In doing so, the natural flow of energy through all the chakras in all levels of the field is restored.

I continue the healing with one of the many techniques that can be used for different purposes. At this point, I evaluate my customer needs considering:

  1. Our previous conversation and his or her intention in receiving the healing

  2. The reading of his or her energy field.

  3. Inner guidance. 

The time allotted for the session is one hour.

I do not diagnose, nor do I prescribe any medicine. I encourage my clients to take responsibility for their health and well being, and to create a team of care givers that, ideally, includes traditional physicians that are open to working with healers and other holistic professionals.

My life goal is to perform these services for the spiritual development of individuals and to assist in the evolution of human kind through furthering awareness of our energetic selves and our limitless potential as human beings.

It is advisable to refrain from taking any alcoholic beverage in the 12 hours before and after the healing session. We also advise that you wear comfortable clothes made of natural fibers.

Don’t wait any longer! Contact me for further information on a free 15 min. consultation, or book a healing directly here.

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There is nothing that will not reveal its secrets if you love it enough.”    George Washington Carver

Brennan Healing is  a complementary therapy and not a replacement for conventional medical treatment.

Helena Aramendia is not a medical doctor or a state licensed medical practitioner, and she does not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

Helena Aramendia

Author - Healer

Bachelor of Science Degree in Brennan Healing Science®