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My life was quite regular in Pamplona (Spain), until 1994, when I had a serious car accident. Before that, I never thought my spiritual life was important. I suppose I was too busy, like most people, surviving, competing and thinking that life was only what we can see, touch, smell or measure.

In the accident, I had a direct experience of being looked after, in a way I never felt before. I felt a deep and intimate connection to an omnipotent, protector and loving power that I like to call “the Father”. There are thousands of names for it: Creator, source, God, Goddess... The name, the rituals, the beliefs, the religions.. none of these matter to me. What is important is that we are his creations, as well as everything in the universe, and we are all interconnected. We are much more than our bodies and our thoughts, and we are all one. The connective tissue is love. The way to grow as humanity, is to embody and to live this truth.

As a person and as a healer, my longing is to help in spreading this truth. I believe that all our struggles, pain and suffering are a consequence of our separation from our life source. Once we experience union again, our life is transformed to a deeper, richer, brighter and more abundant reality.

Since 1995, I’ve been exploring, researching and learning about the healing arts. After Spain, I’ve lived and practiced in Argentina, UK, New York State and Florida.                     

I had many teachers and I am grateful to all of them, from the first one I had in Pamplona, that helped me to transform my life in such deep ways, to the group of healers that we lived with in Argentina, to all the teachers and fellow students in my most recent school, the Barbara Brennan Healing School, in Florida. There are too many  to name here, but, from the bottom of my heart, I send gratitude to all of them.


“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”                                                                                          Lieh Tzu

Helena Aramendia

Author - Healer

Bachelor of Science Degree in Brennan Healing Science®