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Some of my clients wanted to share their experiences while receiving coaching or healing sessions with me. I am grateful to them for it. Here are their testimonials.

Kelli, Fl.

I was fortunate to see Helena’s brochure at my yoga studio – it was fate that brought us together. Helena has truly changed my life in just a few visits!

 Helena is a gifted healer and teacher!  Her compassion and uncanny ability to get to the root of my personal issues has changed the way I approach life.  What I mean by this is that Helena has taught me how to utilize simple tools, thoughts and positive energy to deal with any challenges that life may throw my way!  I do not have to make an appointment with Helena because I am having a tough time at work or with my family – I have learned how to use the healing techniques that Helena has so generously shared with me. I am now confident in my own ability to weather the tough times and I am so grateful to Helena for showing me the light! Kelli W.

Sophie, Fl.

Helena has led me on a path of recovery and discovery. The healing sessions with her have helped me to reconnect with my self; she has given me the tools to heal myself (or find my soul) by caring deeply, always finding the right words and, of course, by her amazing healing techniques. She is a fabulous human being and somebody I deeply trust. Thank you so much Helena. Sophie L.

Gloria, Fl.

I had the privilege to see Helena at a point in my life when I felt that everything was out of place and I was unhappy for no reason. Through spiritual counseling and energy healing Helena helped me. I credit her with helping me to make a very major change in my life. She helped me to focus on what I wanted to do, and assisted me by giving me the tools I needed to accomplish the change. Gloria C.

Sondra, NY.

Pain was apart of my daily living before I had sessions with Helena.  I was having daily pain in most of the joints in both legs. On occasion, the pain was so bad I needed a cane.  During the first few sessions I could not put my left leg down straight.  I was somewhat pessimistic that this type of healing was going to work since main steam medical practices were not working for me. However, staying open to the experience allowed my body to start to heal.  It was an experience that touched not only the physical parts that needed healing but it was an emotional and somewhat spiritual experience.  Though these sessions my body began to heal.  Pain was no longer a daily part of my life.  I learned how to control the pain instead of it controlling me.   I also learned how to center myself and calm my world down.  The healing helped many parts of me, not just the “damaged” parts.  It was an experience that still lives with me even 3 years after I finished my sessions.  It changed my life in a very positive way. Sondra N.

Helena Aramendia

Author - Healer

Bachelor of Science Degree in Brennan Healing Science®